Tomasz Junkanc

About me


About me

10615452_813656428691989_3549392134265189667_nAbout me:

I started my programming career as a teenager. The first languages I met were Python and C, but I quickly came to the conclusion that learning web languages and possibly programming mobile applications has a future.


- familiarity with operating systems from the Windows and GNU / Linux family.
- support for MS Office and OpenOffice / LibreOffice office software.
- programming in Pascal, C / C / C #, Java, Prolog, Lisp, Visual Basic.
- creating websites (HTML, CSS, XML, WordPress).
- sound and image processing (GIMP, Adobe Photoshop).
- modeling of three-dimensional solids (Z-Modeler, POV-Ray).
- diagnosing and repairing computer hardware faults.